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I tend to be slightly skeptical nowadays when the words “high peed” and “mobile” are used within the same sentence. You can’t blame me, adverts all around boast blazing speeds over mobile network but do you ever hear the same feedback from their subscribers? Hardly ever right.

Well, here’s a another new kid on the block U Mobile with the same claims. Hopefully they deliver. Read more about U Mobile on Wikipedia.

They simplified the packages by only offering one package at a low price of RM78 for unlimited access. Another favourable addition would be the cool looking modem seen in the picture below. All other providers are still sticking to the crappy bean design with it’s flimsy plastic finishing.

U Mobile is new so don’t expect superb coverage just yet. For now their reach covers most of Klang Valley. If the penetration rate is good expansion will happen for sure.

Picture taken from  KongTachnology blog.

I have been looking into mobile packages recently and the only service provider that appeals to me is Celcom. Their Streamyx + Mobile Broadband combo is the best around. Don’t ya think so?

While the mobile providers battle it out, one thing’s for sure, U Mobile in my book has the best looking website. Light weight flash yet functional. A good first impression always works with products. Visit  U Mobile

Source: KongTechnology | UMobile

  • Is it a big company>? My sister went to here for interview and told me that only small office they have

  • Hmmm, I have no clue too. MiTV used to be big…

  • Bro, Alvin subscribed the Celcom + Streamyx but according to him the SIM need to be 013.

    And, regarding the U thing, I was given a brochure when I am in Endah Parade in Sri Petaling but they keep on telling me activation fee is RM 50 but never ask me to try the surfing speed. Maybe they don’t have a demo unit I guess and I am not interested with it too because I am using Celcom broadband now (RM 68) and Streamyx 1Mbps (RM 77).

    The total amount I am paying is not so attractive. I am canceling it soon and get the Celcom + Streamyx, 😀

  • Yo bro WL, I’m with you on that 🙂

  • salima liu

    tried for fews day, found out that their customer support does not know nuts about this service, and speed is the usually issues la. and what irks me most that while they cannot commit their network speed to us, they force us to commit to them for 18 months or else pay for the modem.

  • In Malaysia, consumers and never the first priority. Just take Astro, the customer care is the worst. All because they have the monopoly…

  • dablackangel

    i just bought it.. kinda good… if u are in KL area it’s gonna be so so so fast.. trust me!!!

  • fitchrankin

    i just found out that multiple users shared the same ip address online. it’s too late for me to cancel without paying for the modem since it’s over 8 days. looks like i’ve fallen into the ‘if it’s too good to be true…” trap.

    anyway, i have to cancel and get stuck with a worthless modem which have to be reconfigured (which i dont have any idea how to yet), to work with another service if such is available.

  • joeaxe

    this product is suck.speed 3.6????????why cannot watch video on utube.i m gonna to refund it.

  • red ants

    yes, umobile is the suckest ever,i cant connect web at my area in kg baru,yes…the central of the town dont have line???when i call their cust service,they try to blame my laptop, but why EDGE the,slowest can connect ha..pls guys dont try this company and the company that have a connection with BN. sure got problem one!!

  • Bluesky

    I totally agree.. the speed is really terrible. I’m going to return them.

  • Eric

    Fun discovery with Umobile!!! The speed is very very fast when u surf on this website http://www.izzi.com.my u may try to download anything from the said website & the speed is incredible fast!!! But other website is damn slow!

  • Adam

    Suck.. u mobile is suck! its take too long just to upload a 145kb file. I hate U mobile!

  • Eric

    The real fact about umobile DL & UL

    Download average speed = 1800kbps = 225kBps
    Upload average speed = 60kbps = 7.5kBps

    Obviously, Umobile upload speed is extremely slow. I also noticed that umobile has been throttled or banned any download manager software such as bitcomet, free download manager, xunlei, etc.

    If u use any of the mentioned software, you won’t be able to download files smoothly, they will lag you.

    About the download speed, they actually achive the speed of 1.8Mbps but their routers are not configured to the optimum setting therefore everyone get jammed when browsing the websites, except izzi.com.my perhaps under the same internet cloud therefore we can surf this izzi pages very fast at 1.8Mbps!!!

    Conclusion, umobile is sucking now but i do not know their future, and how long they will improve their congested network.

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  • Richard

    I really hate umobile because they throttle my Internet speed!

    You guys can try P2P application, umobile is the suckest Internet service provider, they limit yr download speed, even some webpages u will not able to surf however it isn’t a porn! so stupid!

    The speedtest is never been accurate! Different speedtest u get different result.

    I want to emphasize, never tried umobile. It is the lousiest broadband, it is a stupid narrow band!

  • Arik

    it is the worse broadband service provider i ever use!

  • U Mobile has retarded network policies, they have blocked port 22, now i cannot ssh to admin my servers.

  • Oh… that sucks big time. Luckily I didn’t go for U Mobile. How about iZZi? Anybody using it?

  • Thoong

    I just got Izzi yesterday night. It lousy compared to Streamyx Broadband. Max Speed I got is 300-400kBps range at home in Cheras even though they claim that it is 1MBps

  • Ian

    Hows Umobile vs. TMNUT Screamyx??

  • Sad to say but TMNUT is better. 🙁

  • rips

    After seeing Umobile comment. i think i will go for celcom. for izzi? ‘very good’ (durable) i threw the modem to wall a few times due to frustration of the low speed… i am still able to use it… PJ area, connect at average 90k… If i am lucky, i can get 200k… sigh…

  • mmx

    when u see singapore, hk, shanghai, beijing, taipei broadband services, then u know malaysia is number 1 in boardband …. haha haha .. 2020 malaysia boleh !! 🙂

  • fitchrankin

    umobile – i managed to get 2.7mbps download speed at one time and experienced uninterrupted youtube, at… 4am.

    imho… the problem with umobile is… they are too “kudukut”… very typical of the owner, of course. too many people connected to the same wan, so it is slow. per wan (or is it a single wan, shared by all umobile subscribers???)… everybody use the same ip address.

  • anne

    dablackangel…..u re rite…!!!

  • scotch

    dayyum.. i’m usin umobile. is ‘so-so’ for me. it didn’t get me so mad that i would throw it against the wall, but sometimes is very slow. sometimes is 0.sumtin kbps. my friend got worst coverage from maxis. so i guess umobile is just ‘ok’ compare to maxis that is.

  • cibol

    it is extremely slow at my place, pandan indah

  • kazkhan

    all most services like cibai la…better don’t buy now…wait untill they fully suces

  • abell

    hye all,

    yesterday, i went back home from bangi to seremban via ktm. there, one guy came to me and ask me to register to u mobile. i said no, i’m in hurry. but, the guy still followed me and i feel very irritated. he insisted to me to register to u mobile service.
    and, i don’t know why i am so stupid to register although i don’t need it. u know what, that is because i felt very uncomfortable with the guy. i told him to go politely but he still following me.

    my point is, it is very wrong to sell something like that. very unprofessional. how can u sell something at ktm where people are in hurry?

    look, now i decided to use u mobile for only one month, yeah, coz i have to. so, i visited their website and found nothing on how to cancel my registration.

    anyone can help?

  • fitchrankin


    there is a free trial period of 8 days. after the free trial period, if you want to cancel, you have to pay RM877 as cancellation fee. and, the contract is 24 months.

    you may find out more at http://surf.u.com.my/

  • abell


    thanks for answering my question. but i forgot to tell that i registered u38 plan. and have no contract(according to what the salesman had told me).

    do i still need to pay RM887? if yes, then i feel like being cheated and i cant believe how fool i am!

  • ss

    U-Moxxxx cheating people money. I had terminated my service since April 08, but still cannot get back my refund until now. If u compare siawcom and messy, definitely siawcom is much more better than messy but also not so stable sometimes. siawcom can bt downloading anytime with faster download speed(from 10kb-110kb) but messy only can download after 1am and the speed is extremely slow(10kb is the faster). At last, I dun want but hv to admit tmnut is better than wireless broadband.

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  • sam325

    umobile is a trap
    i really would like to anounce this to everybody

    the 8 days trial period is a big trap

    i dont know if what i will say is logic or not but what i expect that they have a special system that make the speed in general whether download upload or surfing so good and fast for new subscribers so the new users will never terminate in the trial period till they fall in the trap after 8 days users will start to suffer from continues disconnection and a damn slow speed even in surfing for example if someone is trying to visit a website containing a little bit more pic or flash then believe me you have to wait like 15 to 20 minutes to have the home page loaded

    nobody want to be in this trap
    and unfortunatly i am one of their victims
    and i hope there will be no more victims so this crap company will go bunkrupt and close down to save the market from this kind of S**T

  • Eric

    I agree with Sam325, me too a victim of umobile. After 8 days trial, i could not surf Internet with satisfaction speed.
    I have been using umobile since 02-april-2008, i have terminated it at august-2008 due to their very bad service.

  • richie

    how much ist it?

  • p3809

    Hi, can someone tell me what is P2P application? I had tried Streamyx and Maxis now there both a sucks.Still looking for a better ISP.

  • Obi Wan Kentucky

    So…judging from the responses so far, one can safely conclude that U Mobile Broadband sux la.

    OK then…

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  • Eric S.

    I wonder why the government may be strict on most businesses that gives bad service but not any internet companies? Worse is allowing them to force people to pay for 1 or 2 year period when the service is bad.

  • I hate Malaysia

    I subscribed to shit U Mobile a few months ago, and little did I know they have HIDDEN CHARGES. I signed up for the RM 70-something plan which supposed to provide a few Gb bandwidth…..but guess what?

    U Mobile charged me for ALL the internet usage…..!!!!! I call them and they say it is pay as you use….WTF am I paying the RM 70 in the first place???

    This is the stinking Asian mentality of cheating people, in US they cannot get away with such nonsense….people will sue their ass off.

  • TYC

    Yup, the service in Malaysia sucks. The consumers were not treated fairly. BTW, to report these issues, we could report it to SKMM:

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