Upgraded to WordPress 2.5

Finally managed to upgrade to WordPress 2.5  yesterday.

Loving the automatic update and install feature for my plugins. However, the Popularity Contest plugin and Popularity Contest Widget are not compatible with WordPress 2.5 yet.

Get WordPress 2.5

  • I m not sure how to upgrade to 2.5

  • Bro, finally, you have upgrade your WP.

    keeyit, Its simple. You can follow the steps below: –

    1. Download and unzip the WordPress 2.5 in your PC.
    2. Login to your WordPress and disable all the plugins.
    3. Connect to your hosting FTP service and goto HTML or WWW folder.
    4. Backup your old WordPress files except wp-config.php (create a new folder and move the files into the new folder).
    5. Backup your current WordPress database using your hosting control panel (phpmyadmin).
    6. Upload all the WordPress 2.5 files using FTP service to the HTML or WWW folder.
    7. Move all the plugins and themes to the WordPress 2.5 folder.
    8. Finally, goto your wp-admin using a web browser and proceed with the database upgrade.

    You are done. Hope this helps you, 😀

  • Hayya Macha, what took you so long :p
    I’ve upgraded mine since last week and I can say that I really like WordPress 2.5 😀

  • Thanks WL. 🙂

  • Irwan, work got me stuck for the past 2 weeks. Missed my blog 😉

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