• TekTonic and NewMedia Express are not from Malaysia. Shinjiru hyperlink is wrong too.

  • Which one do you recommend?

  • k4ml

    And none of them got my trust for something serious than just a blog. I desperately need a local vps hosting and shinjiru come close in term of price but a google search for their name revealed some not so good story. My rule is simple, any webhost with a website that has a girl with headphone and some server pictures would got minus 50% mark. Use flash on the website ? Minus 10%. Use CPanel ? Minus another 20%. Not replying to pre sales email ? No hope. What else we got ?

  • WL, thanks for highlighting. I’ve updated the list.

    KitKat, it depends on what you are looking to host. A simple blog or forum will do well on any hosting company. My fav is Shinjiru cause they are cheap but they have had some downtime recently.

    Exabyte is the big boy but also long as you are on shared hosting you can’t expect much.

    Wl, how’s your VPS hosting, Still have it?

  • Danny, I have moved out from Shinjiru to Server Freak. I have 1 VPS from Tektonic mainly for development.

    So far, I have no complaints on Server Freak and Tektonic. They rocks, πŸ˜€

  • Cool, now I have something to consider πŸ™‚

  • Why? U also consider moving out from Shinjiru?

    Btw, how do you apply the OpenID?

  • My renewal is coming up soon. So I’ve been looking at alternatives πŸ™‚

    for openID just head on to http://openid.net/get/ and use any service there you want.

  • danny

    shinjiru – too many customer
    Server Freak – not too many customer

    tips : find host with less 50 customer and price less than RM 50 / year

  • Tin

    My friend gets his VPS from yeahhost and never facing any downtime, because their management seriously controls their servers. When I try to get the service from them, they said their servers already full and not yet have any slot for me. Is there anyone using their service and going to expire soon? Maybe you can give your slot to me. Please let me know any availability. Thanks.

  • vps webhosting

    Malaysia is an neat place to gain webhosting from if that is what you are looking to do. Great post.

  • Which Hosting Provider ?

    Can some tell me which Hosting provider is good.
    I am small time web designer
    need reseller hosting
    but don’t know which one to choose.

    so far I am interested in LINUX reseller hosting on

    = Shinjiru.com.my
    = Exabytes
    = ipserverone

    when I see the blog comments about these hosting providers it makes
    more and more hard to make my choice.


  • Dude, go with server freaks

  • Dude, I would recommend Exabytes and IPserverone from your list. ServerFreak is excellent too. I am their customer.

  • YH

    Dear Which Hosting Provider ? ,

    You can find YeahHost because they offer a good price and their service is best. you can reply to me here if you have interest.

  • Meng Cheng

    Damn! this is the second time I move my hosting back to yeahhost. So silly for running into the sand but few trials have given me a clearer picture who has the real deal for hosting. Yeahhost simply the best!

  • Webserver

    With just RM100 for 20GB, Senihost offers the best deal you can get out there. Excellent for individuals seeking lots of space at the lowest price. Highly recommended!

  • Hi, sorry to interrupt. We’re new (Zenpipe Hosting) in the hosting business and one of the MyNIC Reseller. If anyone interested in VPS Hosting, my company has about 4 more slots in this new server. Centos 5.2 only right now πŸ˜‰ , sorry about other distro fans.

    Danny: If you want a company less than 50 customer, than I think our company eligible for that.

    Ask us on twitter if you have any question : http://twitter.com/zenpipe


  • Dude Amran, Thanks for the info. Will surely consider moving to VPS….

  • Melissa Murphy

    I think Shinjiru is still better of the lot. Especially in contrast to other providers, it offers its services at a much cheaper rate. Then its customer support base is quite strong. Whenever I had any problem and the server was down, etc, etc… the issue was resolved within no time of its arising. Exabytes has its own problems and limitations which bug the customers quite often.

  • Cecil Byrd

    Shinjiru is much better than serverfreak and exabytes. I am their customer and quite happy since then. most importantly they are very reliable and dont let you down in any case. Exabytes has lost its confidence among its customers due to many reasons, and serverfreak faces downtime regularly. And shinjiru is relatively cheap as well.

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