Install Helm on Ubuntu 20.10

Go to the release page to get the download link for the latest version of helm. I prefer the binaries to be in my ~/.bin/ directory as it is already in my PATH

Install minikube on Ubuntu 20.10

I’m installing minikube on my shiny new Pop!OS 20.10 install which is based on Ubuntu 20.10. I prefer to have my standalone application binaries placed in ~/.bin/ which is already included in my PATH. Verify if it’s working

Adding thunderbolt devices in Fedora server 30

I recently purchased a thunderbolt 3 to 10GbE adapter ( QNA-T310G1S ) for my homelab NUC ( NUC7i5BNH ) running Fedora server 30. The network interface was not showing up when I connected the adapter. Some googling later and I figured out what I was not doing. Thunderbolt devices need to be authorized and added…