Talk to any Linux guy and this is what you will hear; Linux is good, Linux is stable, Linux is cool, I rebooted my box 3 years ago (my personal favorite), but there is a dark side see for your self.

If you install Linux;

  1. You will lose all your athletic abilities. You will be glue to you screen.

  2. Your new God will be Linus Torvalds and he requests to burn [in flames] a copy of Windows every first Monday of April at Midnight

  3. You will sell your High-End, Uber-Powered PC to buy an 8088 machine because Linux don’t need a fast computer!. Why waste a 386?

  4. You will stay 10 hours a day on the web writing phrases like: Microsoft is the Devil, Linux is free as in beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!

  5. You will be fired because OpenOffice will not open your Boss’s presentation during an Intergalactic meeting.

  6. You will lose 10 days of your life to configure Wine just to play a game which under Windows requested 2 clicks and yes, it will lose frames.

  7. You will try 10^10 Linux distributions and in the meantime you will use Windows to have some work done

  8. You will buy again your High-End PC spending 10 times more because you have installed Gentoo and you need to recompile all-the-sources-in-the-universe

  9. Your electricity bill will jump to new highs because you can’t be owned by that guy on irc on uptime!

  10. After 5 years without a real-life you will understand that BSDs are better!

My Opiniion;

I agree on certain things. The whole desktop experience on Linux is still lacking. Please don’t get me wrong, I love XGL and Berly and everything else. The GUI in Linux has come a long way but somehow I don’t get a polished feel out of the box and this is where MS is overtaking Linux.

I always wanted to Linux to remain a CLI only OS and not worry about he desktop market but branching into the desktop arena will give Linux super exposure to the world.

If you are like me then you spend more time evaluating and testing different distros then actually using them. I mean desktop oriented distros.

I have few Linux boxes at home and they are all CLI only, mainly used for file sharing and web hosting. I love the CLI.

I have 1 Windows machine, my office notebook actually. This is what I use to for everything else…..

Well, whatever the outcome is in the future I will always choose Linux over Windows…….. What’s your comments?