Linux Links published a list of their top 20 favorite free Linux Ebooks. Ranging from books for the newcomer, graphic designers and right up to the advanced programmer. There’s something for everyone.

The list of books;

  1. Ubuntu Pocket Guide

  2. Two Bits

  3. The Linux Starter Pack

  4. The Easiest Linux Guide You’ll Ever Read

  5. Producing Opensource Software

  6. Introduction to Linux

  7. Bash Guide For Beginers

  8. After The Software Wars

  9. The Cathedral & The Bazaar

  10. Free for All: How LINUX and the Free Software Movement Undercut the High-Tech Titans

  11. Put Yourself in Command

  12. Getting Started With 3.x

  13. Grokking The GIMP

  14. The Linux KnowledgeBase And Tutorial

  15. Advanced Linux Programming

  16. Linux 101 & 102 Modular Training Notes

  17. Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition

  18. LINUX: Rute User’s Tutorial and Exposition

  19. Linux Network Administrator’s Guide - 2nd Edition

  20. tuXlabs Cookbook