My best pal Alan has always been into alternative art. I knew him when he had nothin but now over the years he has matured into a self thought web designer, graphic designer, t shirt designer and the list goes on…..
His blog, Alan Bernard’s F’kn Mayhem covers all kinds of street art. Shoes, shirts, caps, toys, grafit and much much. He has also been busy building social networks with overseas designers who share the same passion. This is clearly seen through the mountains of reviews and interviews he posts. Recently he has also been receiveing Ts, caps and other product from overseas designers asking to be reviewed on his blog. This is good!!

Today, I stumbled on to WSMY (Web Standards Malaysia). A web design best practices project for Malaysian designers. Alan’s blog was featured here for being out of the standard mold.

Every now and then we see a local website that is so rad that it makes us go ‘Why didn’t we see that earlier?�

quoted from WSMY

It’s good to see artists being appreciated for their art and given credit for it even if their art may sometimes come off as being weird or not mainstream as Alan normally says.

Thanks WSMY for the the coverage. Hope to see more reviews of grate Malaysian talents in the future.

Source: WSMY