I’m trying out a new related posts plugin called “Arkayne” for a few weeks on my blog.

I’ve been looking around for related posts plugins and been testing a few recently but most of them either only use tags or categories to find related posts. So far my favorite has been Related Entrie by WASABI because it uses keywords instead.

What is Arkayne?

Arkayne is an online service that collects and automatically links similar content from the Arkayne network. The Arkayne network is made up of sites/blogs which are connected via the Arkayne plugins or java scripts. Their posts get registered by Arakyne and the magic happens. The Arkayne engine consists of a set of rules and algorithm the relates pages based on content and not just tags, keywords or categories. If Arkayne functions as advertised, someone surfing a PHP related site should only see posts related to the PHP world.

There is a link stat page that is accessible by clicking on the “more links at Arkayne” link at the bottom of the related posts section. Here you can get stats about your posts and other posts that are similar to it. Hits, clicks, links conversion, similarities and much more information is at your disposal here.

Some of the benefits of Arkayne,

  • spam filtering feature built in.
  • save users time by always providing only relevant content.
  • generate relevant traffic.
  • build niche interest by linking to similar content.
  • simple plugin to enable Arkayne.

WordPress Plugin

The Arkayne widget will add a section with related posts to the bottom of every post when viewed in single page mode. For new post you will have to wait about 30 minutes before related posts start showing up. This is because Arkayne takes about 30minutes to scan through it’s database of posts and find the most relevant posts for the newly added post.

When displaying related posts, the Arkayne widget will always list your own blog posts near the top followed by relevant posts from other blogs at the bottom.

Have you tried Arkayne before? I would love to hear about your experience.

Download the WordPress plugin here. 

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