Barisan Rakyat’s voice has been heard. BN has been denied it’s critical 2/3 majority thus preventing them from making decisions alone moving forward.

Sammy gone, Shahrizat gone, Maidin gone, Kayveas gone and Koh Tsu Koon gone. Koh Tsu Koon however was a professional and a trued gentleman, accepting his defeat with grace and walking out with his head tall.

What does the future hold for us now is yet to be seen but one thing for sure, the strong power of unity amongst Malaysians regardless of color, religion nor language has been showcased with flying colors this time.

What most leaders failed to realized in my opinion is that the new generation of voters are way more exposed and intellectual thanks to alternative media, education, foreign affairs and many other things. The gov has to keep up and not deprive them.

This has been a hard lesson and hopefully future elections will bring further growth to Malaysia and it’s citizens.

My 2 cents: Alternative media is fast, sometimes controversial and easily accessible though new mediums like the internet and cell phone but please remember to not entirely believe everything you read. Cross reference all your sources and information before coming to a conclusion. This will truly reflect us to be an intellectual nation.

Congratulations MALAYSIA!! You make us proud 😀

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