Borneo International Tattoo Convention

Being in Malaysia for all my life and loving tattoos it’s weird that I never knew how much love exist for the art of traditional tattoos here in Malaysia.

My newest resolution for this year to attend the Borneo International Tattoo Convention this year which will held in Sibu,Sarawak from June 29th till 1st July 2007. Tickets are priced at RM25 for 1day and RM70 for the whole 3days.

To see a Malaysian behind this just proofs the matureness of the art here in Malaysia. Ernesto Kalum is a true inspiration, to have a Bachelors Degree in Law from the U.K., but yet pursue his true love for the art of traditional tattoos. Kudos to you Ernesto!!

He has numerous achievements under his belt, top of the list having organized the The International Tattoo Convention on his home ground Sarawak in May 2002. This was the first tattoo convention ever held in South East Asia. Read more about Ernesto Kalum’s achievements.

Maybe I’ll get my first traditional tattoo done there.

Ernesto Kalum | Borneo International Tattoo Convention