The factory configuration on the TM Unifi Netis DL4480V1 modem/router defaults to TM’s DNS servers. I prefer to use custom external DNS servers instead, to bypass any potential censorship at the ISP DNS level.

I normally have PiHole running on a RPi sitting around for this purpose but can’t get my hands on one in Malaysia at MSRP.

Follow the steps below to change the default DNS servers to Cloudflare’s DNS servers.

DNS Configuratiion

Cloudflare’s DNS servers






  1. Log on to the router at
  2. Login is tmadmin and password is Adm@[last 4 characters in the mac address]
  3. Navigate to the “Service” -> “DNS Server” page.
  4. Change “Domain Name Server Assignment” option to “Manual”.
  5. Update the Domain Name Server [1..3] fields with the new DNS servers.
  6. Navigate to the “Service” -> “DHCP” page.
  7. Update “DNS Option” to “Use DNS Relay”.
  8. Apply your changes and reboot the router.