I decided to change my permalinks structure to no longer include %category% as part the url. I was thinking about long term maintenance and noticed a possible flaw in the current structure which is /category/post/. What happens if I decide to remove or rename a category? My url structure would change and break all incoming links. This is not a good experience for my readers.

I made the change transparent and this is how I did it.

Changed my permalinks structure through WP-Admin->Options->Permalinks to reflect the new structure shown below.

Old structure : /%category%/%postname%/

New structure : /posts/%postname%/

[![permalink structure][1]][2]

What happens to all the incoming links from other sites? Fixed that by using the [permalink-redirect][3] plug in by [Scott Yang][4]. See screenshot below.

The plug in was initially installed to help add a trailing slash “/” to all my posts url(s) and also redirect all www.thedaneshproject.com to thedaneshproject.com. This was to help improve the accuracy of traffic tracking through [Google Analytics][6] and [Google Webmaster][7]. Now it is playing a larger role by making my permalink changes transparent to all incoming links which may be pointing to my old structure. A sample of what it is doing,

“/voip/major-skype-outage/” will now point to “/posts/major-skype-outage/”

That’s it, now I’ll have to wait and if anything broke.

If you need any help applying the same changes to your WP blog please leave a comment or get in touch with me though the [Contact Me][8] form and I’ll be glad to help.

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