I have been in Penang for the past week now attending training for EMC, ORACLE and VMWare. I am into my second week now and should be back in KL late this week.

Stumbled upon a cool vending machine near USM last night. A condom dispenser, something I’ve thought of starting myself before.

Malaysian generally are not too open to the idea of walking into 7eleven and picking up a pack of condoms. I myself don’t have a problem walking into 7eleven and picking up a pack of condoms. Why should I feel embarrassed? I am proud actually, I’m only buying it to promote safe sex with my partner and in return we have a healthy relationships as my act shows that I respect her.

The condom dispenser is a good idea as there is no human interaction needed when purchasing the condom. The human interaction part is what keeps most people away.

My advice to the general public is, learn to be open. If you are doing something right then there is no need to be shy or embarrassed. In fact we should do our part in society to promote safe sex by making the act of purchasing a pack of condoms a common scene.

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