I have been running Defensio for a week now.

253 positive spam comments and only 8 false positive hits. Not bad in my book as the current accuracy is at 97.05%.

What I seem to be loving about Defensio is it’s simplicity in spam management.

  • Color code comments based on spaminess
  • Obvious spam is hidden
  • Spam statistics made available through the WordPress admin page.
  • Enhanced statistics, reports and graphs accessible through the Defensio Account Management page on the Defensio’s site.
  • RSS feeds for spam and comments.

Spam is something every Blog owner has to deal with on a daily basis. I had 253 positive spam and only 18 legitimate comments. Everyday I spend a few minutes going through the possible spam list and comb out the false positives. Askimet was good but Defensio went one step further by incorporating the color codes and hiding confirmed spam. This dramatically reduced the amount of data I had to go trough now thus improving my admin experience.

The RSS feed option for comments and spam further simplifies access to your spam and comments. Everything through Google reader for me.

The Enhanced statistic made available through the Account Management page on Defensio’s site is also pretty neat. Not the most important but admin’s love looking at historically data presented through use of graphs and diagrams. Simplification again.

Source: Defensio

Source: Defensio Blog