Deluge 1.0.0 codenamed “Sharks Are Bulletproof” is out. It’s a complete rewrite from the ground up with a host of new features.

  1. It’s now possible to run Deluge as a daemon since the core and UI have been separated.

  2. The GTK UI has also been redesigned as seen in the screen shot above.

  3. Deluge is now way more stable compared to the older versions.

  4. New and improved queuing system.

  5. Include GeoIP database for country look-ups

  6. Migration to the upcoming libtorrent 0.14 release

However, before upgrading I would recommend that you complete your torrents first. This upgrade will not migrate your settings and your torrent list is not guaranteed to migrate properly too. So why take the chance right?

Read the change log or the release notes while you download Deluge 1.0.0