Deluge 1.0.2 is out. This is an important bug fix release for Deluge 1.0.0. Many bug fixes and stability improvements have gone into it.

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Deluge 1.0.2 (10 October 2008)

  • Fix issue where torrents will not be properly added to the session

Deluge 1.0.1 (10 October 2008)

  • Change the default max global upload slots to 4 instead of -1 since libtorrent
    will automatically open more slots to meet the upload speed limit.
  • Fix display of tracker error messages
  • Fix add_torrent_url() to download the torrent file in a thread to prevent
    the main thread from blocking and causing the daemon to freeze.
  • Removed the ‘Maximum Connections Per Second’ setting and replaced it with a
    default setting of 20. This should alleviate speed issues some are experiencing.
  • Changed max half-open connections default limit to 8 on XP/2000 and 4 on Vista
  • Prevent being able to set file priorities for compactly allocated torrents as
    it is not intended to work.
  • Fix freezing on start-up issues on systems that do not have a properly
    configured localhost entry.
  • Change max connections default setting to 200
  • Fix issue with invalid bencoding from some trackers
  • Plenty of libtorrent updates that should improve core stability


  • Improve performance of files tab by only updating when values change


  • Fix #187 set a 5 second timer to save the config file after a config value
    has been changed.
  • Fix #503 change the boost lib detection logic to first look for -mt and
    if not available, fall back to regular boost lib (non-multithreaded)


  • Add enable “Auto Add” checkbox

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