Deluge BitTorrent Client 0.5.5 has been released.

Deluge is by far the best GTK based BitTorrent client available today for the Linux platform(Currently Windows version is in Alpha).

Highlights for the new version,

0.5.5 has been released. Here’s a quick changelog:

  • Editing a torrent’s tracker list is now persistent between sessions
  • Persistence between sessions for Speed Limiter, Web Seed and Desired Ratio
  • New wizard to aid first-time users with configuration
  • Reorderable tabs and remember order (with exception of details tab)
  • Fix losing data and having to re-download parts
  • Fix password lock showing when main window is not hidden
  • Get rid of the plugin manager and integrate it into preferences
  • New Move torrent plugin - takes over for “move completed downloads” feature
    and provides a “Move Torrent” option when right-clicking on a torrent
  • Save column widths
  • Queue order after restart fixes.
  • Use payload instead of including protocol overhead to ease user confusion
    of seeding torrents “downloading”
  • New Web Seed plugin for adding URLs to torrents for http seeding
  • Add FAST-extension ({.postlink}

Download the latest version here.

Deluge is now available for Windows also. It’s still in alpha so don’t expect a beautiful installer or a simple install. If you are feeling adventures then go ahead and grab it at

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