My favorite BitTorrent client Deluge has a new version out. 0.5.8rc2.

The new version is available for all the major OS platforms now. Linux, Mac OS X and also Windows.

Deluge 0.5.8RC2 (25 December 2007)

  • Change add torrent to ctrl+n
  • Change notification plugin to not show the file list, but only the torrent name
  • Allow removal of browser icon from toolbar
  • Add buttons to browser to launch the main and footer frames into an external browser
  • Fix removing torrents from deluge template of webui - vonck7
  • Set the advanced webui template as default
  • Cut down significantly on the memory usage of the blocklist plugin
  • Fix some UPnP bugs
  • Fix “New version” alert from freezing sometimes
  • Prioritizes local peers over non-local ones when finding connect
  • Wish everyone a happy holiday 🙂

O ya, see my speed? Yup I have access to a dedicated lease line now with no throttling Woo Hoo!!

Download the latest version here or use your package manager if you are running Linux.