We all want it but no it’s not Google OS.

gOS is the latest Linux based OS for budget PCs. WalMart was selling gPC(gOS powered PCs) at only USD199 and the developer kit at only USD59.99. More here

gOS is developed by Good OS LLC out of Los Angeles. Based on Ubuntu Linux 7.10 and runs the Enlightenment E17 interface instead of KDE or Gnome. Despite not being created by Google, gOS uses Google’s online applications such as GMail, Google News, Google Maps, Google Calendar, YouTube, etc. It’s a neat concept for a Linux distribution, but how practical is it? One thing for sure, since the cost is low everyone will now have the opportunity to own a PC.

I am currently downloading my copy of gOS via BitTorrent. You can look forward to a review from me within the next few days.

Get you own copy of gOS via BitTorrent or direct download from the gOS download page.

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