Something many have been waiting for.

[Dropbox][2] is an online storage solution that fits seamlessly into your OS. It’s currently in Beta and accounts are by invite only. I received my invite from [Thaweesak][3].

To get your files to Dropbox you can either use their upload page or install the Dropbox client which works on Windows or Mac. Linux is currently not supported but a client is in the works and should be out soon. Screenshot

With the Dropbox client you will be able to access your Dropbox files as if they were located on your local machine anytime anywhere provided you’re connected. Speed will surely be a concern but so far that has not been an issue with me since all synchronization happens in the background.

A shared folder feature also provided to enable users to share files with friends and the public.

So is it free? Yes, basic accounts are free but you will need to pay if you need more space. Currently, Beta users enjoy 2GB of space but free accounts will be limited to 1GB of space when Dropbox launches.

Get an invite, [signup][2] for a free account, install the client and you’re ready to go. I have a few, drop me a note if you need one.

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