Good news to all [Fedora][2] fans. Fedora 9 codenamed “[Sulphur][3]” is out.

The new release comes with quite a few new features. To start off. Fedora 9 runs on the latest 2.6.25 kernel. There’s a new package management system included called “Packgeit” which uses Yum for it’s backend. Gnome Desktop 2.22 and KDE 4.03 are the desktop managers to choose from. Firefox 3 Beta 5 is the browser of choice this time and to top it all the new opensource version of Java “OpenJDK” is part of the new features. [See the full summary here.][4]

Feel like taking the new Fedora 9 “Sulphur” for a spin? Well, you could grab the install DVD/CDs iso files via bittorrent or direct download. The other alternative would be to download the Gnome Live DVD or the KDE live DVD. [Go to the download page.][5]

Source: [Fedora Project][6]

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