144minutes of pure entertainment. My eyes were glued to the screen from start to end trying to soak in every bit of detail. The movie was filled with just the right amount for drama, humor and action scenes which get complimented by the excellent graphics.

Megan Fox, new to the big screen managed to look hot throughout the whole movie working side by side with Shia LaBeouf and guardian Bumble Bee who transforms into an awesome yellow Chevy with racing stripes.  Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson played good soldiers working together with the autobots.

The autobots with their land vehicles were really something. Optimus prime, Mr.nice looked awesome as usual with his blue, red and flames to finish. Megatron on the other hand look liked he came straight from hell. Brutal totally brutal.

I came out of the movie with the feeling of total satisfaction. I was expecting as always a bad adaptation of a good comic but I was wrong big time. All the hype was totally worth it. The best part is, rumor has it that we will get 2 more sequels to the movie to look forward to in the future. I am planning to watch it again but in true IMAX.

Awesome movie, that was me and my opiniion being a die hard transformers fand since I was a kid. What about you, what’s your opinion?

[ Transformers | Transformers Movie | Official Site][2]

[ IMDB - Transformers Movie][3]

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