Firefox has been released. is a security patch so make sure your firefox browser is up2date.

Below are the list of fixes in this release taken from the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisories page.

MFSA 2007-36{.moderate} URIs with invalid %-encoding mishandled by Windows
MFSA 2007-35{.critical} XPCNativeWrapper pollution using Script object
MFSA 2007-34{.moderate} Possible file stealing through sftp protocol
MFSA 2007-33{.low} XUL pages can hide the window titlebar
MFSA 2007-32{.moderate} File input focus stealing vulnerability
MFSA 2007-31{.moderate} Browser digest authentication request splitting
MFSA 2007-30{.low} onUnload Tailgating
MFSA 2007-29{.critical} Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv: