I’ve always hoped for an independent delivery service here in Malaysia. There’s tones of  good food around but no easy way to get them to us. That’s all about to change now, hopefully.

FoodPanda is a delivery service for restaurants that don’t do take out. Its already up and running in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and now Malaysia.

The Malaysian outlet has 60 restaurants on its take out menu and the list keeps growing. Service is currently limited to Klang Valey but will grow over time.

How to order? Easy,

1.Find a restaurant
2. Order what you want
3. Checkout & Payment (Currently only COD)
4. Delivery

If you own a restaurant and want to get onto their list then drop them a mail at [[email protected]][2] .

I am yet to try FoodPanda , have you?

Source : [FoodPanda][3] || [Blog][4] || [Twitter][5] || [Facebook ][6]

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