Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference by Keir Thomas.

Here’s a good book for Ubuntu users and those thinking of switching over to Ubuntu. The book’s 194 pages long and covers;

  1. Installing Ubuntu
  2. Configuring Ubuntu
  3. Getting to grips with the desktop
  4. Users and the filesystem
  5. Hands-on at the command-line
  6. Software management
  7. Securing the system

The printed edition is priced at USD9.94 on Amazon and the ebook version is 100% free. Once you have the eBook you are allowed to redistribute it anyway you choose. Just make sure it remains 100% free. The FOSS way!!

Download or read it online from my .docstoc or scribd pages.

If you liked the eBook then make sure to pick up a copy of the printed version.

Source: Ubuntu Pocket Guide