Yes, free.

I have searched for something like this for a long time and now thanks to Ravi I found it.

Free software sticker book from PIKAO.ORG. The book is licensed under the MIT license There is no limitation to what you can do with the book. Print,use,copy,merge,publish,distribute, sub-license or even sell it.

If you design stickers of your own, you can submit them to [email protected]. Your stickers will then be included into the sticker book as part for the free sticker book project.

Why do I want stickers?

I have so much real estate available on my nb covers and my desktop towers. I hate to see them plain, I already have a few stickers on them like Ubuntu, Linux and few others. Now I get to fill the space up with even more meaningful stickers. No designed for WinXP / Vista stickers.

I would love to distribute free CDs and stickers moving forward. All in the name of opensource.

Do you want free stickers?

4 easy steps to get you sticker(s). Make sure to download the book first.

  1. Remove the current sticker on your computer.
  2. Print the sticker you like from the book.
  3. Cut sticker(s) out.
  4. Stick sticker(s) onto your computer.


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Free Software Sticker Book