The recent “KL Freeze In Unison” which had over 1000 individuals contribute by freezing themselfs for 5 mins at “The Pavilion” and “Lot 10” was a total success.

Good news, the Freeze is back and it’s hitting “Sunway Piramid” Sunday April 20. This time for the World Earth Day. Hopefully I’ll get to join this time.

Here are the rules;

  1. Synchronise your watches at 24timezones

  2. Be at Sunway Pyramid well before 8pm. Go about minding your own business. Most people would be congregated at the concourse or designated main area so spread yourselves out for maximum impact.

  3. Sharp at 8pm - FREEZE!!! (Be creative with your poses, you’ll be viewing them on Youtube for ages to come)

  4. When it’s time to UN-FREEZE, if you feel like cheering for a Freeze well done by all means go ahead. If you feel like walking away casually as if time did stand still for 5 minutes and consequently puzzle the guy who was staring at you, go ahead. As YOU please.

  5. Mingle. Enjoy the rest of your evening. (As earth friendly as possible)

Why Freeze for Earth? We spend more energy then we need. It’s time to give back and save for the future. Read More

The idea to freeze spawned recently, I remember watching it on YouTube not too long ago. It’s was an awesome idea and a sure way to grab the general public’s attention. What better way to build awareness.

Watch the recent “KL Freeze in Unison” in action.


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