Beijing 2008 is currently the biggest buzz around the globe. Google has a few tools up it’s sleeve to help keep you updated on everything Beijing 2008.

You might have already discovered is that Google changing it’s doodle everyday since the start of Beijing 2008. The doodles are also reflected in all Google Mobile services.

![](/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/olympics08_weightlifting.gif" alt="" width=“150” />]3

Google Mobile provides quick access right from your mobile devices. You get access to latest medal counts and all the latest news relating to Beijing 2008.

Another tool provided by Google is the Google Beijing 2008 widget for iGoogle. It keeps you updated on the latest medals counts, events schedules and news right from your browser. Install the widget.

Google maps has not been spared too. Every venue is mapped and best of all, a full 3D tour of the venue is also provided through Google Earth. [Check it out][8].

Enjoy your Olympics with Google 😀

Source: Google Summer Games 2008

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