Google today introduced their latest offering. “Google Public DNS”.

I’ve always been on [OpenDNS][2]. However, they have no presence in Asia and this doesn’t exactly boost DNS performance for us.

Google’s new “Google Public DNS” is surprising fast and after switching over to it I experince improvements my web browsing experience. Here’s a quick benchmark of Google vs OpenDNS. [Link][3]

Currently Google does not provide a dashboard like what OpenDNS has and it’s yet to include extra features like shortcuts, filtering and zoning like what OpenDNS has. I’m quite sure they will pop up soon….

To start using “Google Public DNS” simply replace your current dns servers with theirs. Listed below,


For the full walkthrough refer to Google’s “[Using Google Public DNS][4]” or [download the guide][5].

Talk about Google taking over the world. At first they only knew what you were searching for but now once you switch over they will know everything you do online…… SCARY!!

Source: [Google Public DNS][6] | [[email protected] Code][7]

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