No one likes bicycle helmets, they’re heavy, bulky and simply look weird. However, they keep us alive and I’d rather stay alive with an ugly helmet on then die without one.

The overall design of a helmet has not changed for a long time and it always seemed impossible to come up with a better design until now that is.

Design students  Anna and Terese thought it was possible. 7 years of hard work later they came up with the invisible helmet “HÖVDING”.

It’s essentially an air bag designed into a collar that fits around your neck with a custom shell designs to match your outfit. It will inflate in 0.1 sec when abnormal movement is detected either from a collision and when the rider falls of his bike. Read more

You can buy a “HÖVDING” for 3998 SEK (USD 600) from their online store.  I love the design, I’d buy it now if I had the money , guess I’ll have to wait.

Watch the video and be wowed.