Today’s Malaysia’s birthday.The day all the states came together to form Malaysia.

Being in this country for 28 years has been fun. It’s has treated me and my family well. Maybe it’s because we decided not to depend on the gov. Growing up in Cameron Highlands was awesome as everyone looked out for each other regardless for skin color, language or religion unlike here and now.

My dad still gets emotional every time we talk about Rakyat Malaysia and I now understand why. During his day everyone used to tight, family like.

Today, all hell has broken loose, power hungry bastards are going to the lowest possible to gain power. Just like a prostitute giving you a good blow job for a tip and a beggar on the street asking for a dollar which he later uses to get booze.

Even thou today’s a important day but the love ain’t there no more, I feel like a migrant in my own country. It’s a fucked yup feeling and I want it to end. Let’s see if 916 fixes it.

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