Happy new year. I’m 3 days behind, talk about a good start.

New year night was good, spent it with Alan, Shirley, Raja and a shit load of beers while motivating each other on the many projects we plan to get started in the new year. Too much time has been waisted in the past just talking about shit, hopefully this year’s gonna be productive.

I’m not a big fan of new year resolutions but if you must know here’s mine;

  1. Reduce and eventually quit smoking.
  2. Exercise!!
  3. Be a good son.
  4. Be a good bf.
  5. Be productive at work.
  6. Roll out at least 3 side projects.
  7. Contribute to at least 5 welfare related deeds.
  8. Make more money from other avenues besides my full time job.
  9. Travel to at least 5 countries.
  10. Buy a house.

Let’s see how many get to cross out by end of year.