Honda in partnership with UNDP will be giving away full education scholarships to 20 underprivileged candidates. The scholarships will enable the candidates to futher the higher education here in Malaysia.

We want to help others take their first steps to realizing the power of their dreams.

~Mr. Soichiro Honda~

So how do you apply?

  1. Download the application form. English | Bahasa.
  2. Be between 17 to 24 hears old.
  3. Have a combined house hold income of under RM1500.
  4. Medically fit.
  5. Not have other scholarships.
  6. Write an essay no more then 500 words about why you deserve to be awarded the scholarship.
  7. Provide ass required documentation .
  8. E-Mail or snail mail your application by 31st March 2008. [email protected]

Sources: Bolehland | Honda