2 easy ways find out what version of Ubuntu you’re running.

First option,

cat the /etc/issue file.

[email protected]:/etc$ cat /etc/issue<br /> Ubuntu 8.04.1 \n \l

Second option

cat the /etc/lsb-release file.

[email protected]:/etc$ cat /etc/lsb-release<br /> DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu<br /> DISTRIB_RELEASE=8.04<br /> DISTRIB_CODENAME=hardy<br /> DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 8.04.1"


run the lsb_release command with the “-a” switch.

[email protected]:/etc$ lsb_release -a<br /> No LSB modules are available.<br /> Distributor ID: Ubuntu<br /> Description:    Ubuntu 8.04.1<br /> Release:        8.04<br /> Codename:       hardy