Here’s a quick walk through to synchronize your system time through NTP.

Install the NTP package if you don’t already have it installed.

[[email protected]]# yum install ntp

Check your date.

[[email protected]]# date<br /> Thu Jul 24 13:34:24 MYT 2008

Use the ntpdate command to poll from public NTP servers. I this example I’ll use ntp servers provided by the NTP POOL Project. The asia pool is “ntp”

[[email protected]]# ntpdate<br /> 24 Jul 16:02:18 ntpdate[5316]: step time server offset -28647.175440 sec

Check your time again to make sure it’s correct.

[[email protected]]# date<br /> Thu Jul 24 16:02:24 MYT 2008

I’ll cover the ntpd daemon in a future post.