I first read about ipvee.com on [wingloon.com][2].

ipvee.com is a simple service that returns your system infomation but with a twist. Eye candy, the guys behind ipvee.com decided to go with a web 2.0 visual appeal with bold large text on bright colors and cool sliding tabs. See the screen shots, they speak for themselves.

So what system info you can pull off ipvee.com you ask?

  1. [find your real ip address][3]

  2. [show hostname][3]

  3. [show ip address][3]

  4. [identify your browser][3]

  5. [identify your operating][3]

  6. [identify you screen resolution][3]

All you need to use ipvee.com is either macromedia flash or java script. ipvee.com works with either one.

O ya, before I forget. [HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY wingloon.com][4] !!

Check out the screen shots below;

[1]: /wp-content/uploads/2009/07/ipvee.com-find-your-real-ip-address-hostname-web-browser-flash-java-operating-system-screen-resolution-information_1246868715424.png) [2]: http://wingloon.com/2009/01/02/find-your-ip-address-web-browser-operating-system-and-screen-resolution-info-using-ipvee/ [3]: http://www.ipvee.com/ [4]: http://wingloon.com/2009/07/02/2nd-year-anniversary-for-my-blog/