For all KDE fans out there like me, KDE 4.0 is out!! It has been 11 years since the beginning but KDE 4.0 now marks the beginning of a new era for the KDE desktop environment. “New and improved”

What can you expect?

  • Desktop improvements. Plasma, KRunner, KickOff, and Kwin. More here
  • Better hardware support and integration through new and improved libraries. Phonon, The Solid Hardware Integration Framework, KHTML, ThreadWeaver, QT4. More here
  • Much needed beautification all around. Oxygen. More here
  • New applications to replace and optimize usability and functionality. More here

The KDE 4.0 visual guide will give you a better view of what the improvements are and look like. If you need a test drive, there is a live cd based on openSUSE with KDE 4.0 here. ArkLinux, DEbian, Fedora, Gentoo, Kubuntu and Mandriva are also beginning to distribute KDE 4.0 through new releases and updates.

My NB is gonna look fine with the new KDE 4.0, hopefully.

Source : KDE 4.0 Released