The KDE community released KDE 4.1.0 today. The second release for KDE4.

Boasting new features, new applications and improved eye candy, KDE 4.1 is managing to WOW many. Nothing but good reviews all around the net unlike 4.0.

Plasma now supports multiple panels and allows the resizing of panels like how it was with KDE3.

A new “folder view” plasmoid sees it’s way on to the desktop providing a new way to interact with the desktop. The removal of desktop icons scared many but with the new folder view plasmoid users are able to access any folder they please from the desktop instead of being locked down to the default desktop.

Eye candy. If you have a good software which looked like crap would people want it? I guess not.

KDE 4.1 includes many new improvements to it’s interface. Thinner borders, better transparencies, cleaner interfaces, new themes and plasma now has it’s own theme engine.

From a software standpoint, KDE-PIM is back with Kmail and KOrganizer. Dragon player, the new video player comes default. New games are included, KSystemlog, KSCD CD player, just to mention a few.

However, Amarok 2.0 is still not in 🙁

KDE 4.1 is really looking more like a complete desktop now. KDE 3 users will take sometime to get used to the new interface but eventually they will get there. Can’t say the same about Vista 😉

Wanna take it for a spin?

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