The weather these past weeks has been dreadful. Rain, sun, scorching sun then followed rain again. I had to throw out quite a few plans.

Anyway, the weather today was bad again. Rained just when I was leaving the office so I came back up to my place. Everybody knows that ones it rains in KL everything on the roads come to a crawl or sometimes a total stand still. Keeping this in mind I had to check the traffic status. Normally it would be a look out the window and for as far as my eyes could see but today my pal referred me to a local site [JGSpot][2] to get my traffic update.

JGSpot is a forum made up of topics ranging from the local traffic to politics but what caught my attention were the live feeds from traffic cams around Malaysia. Penang Bridge, KL City, JB-Singapore and PLUS tolls. Just click the “Click Me To Close Live Traffic Hotspot” to load the feeds. Registration is free and will allow you to have the feeds showing indeffinately whereas unregistered you will only have a 20 second window before the feeds close.

Thanks to JGSpot I’m still the the office.

Source: [JGSpot][2]

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