Putty has a feature to log your sessions to log files. This is a handy and I use it a lot. Comes in handy when you want to roll back what you did or to simply remember a command you ran.

Session logging is not enabled by default but if you want logging enabled by default for all your sessions then here’s how.

Fire up Putty and go to the “Logging” tab. Check “Printable output” option and insert your desired log file name and location into the location field.

PuTTY Configuration_2013-03-05_22-52-01

For the log file name, Putty supports the following substitutes.

&H - Hostname
&Y - Year (yyyy)
&M - Month (mm)
&D - Day (dd)
&T - Time (hhmmss)


This will log all your sessions into a dropbox backup folder with the desired naming format. .i.e “hostname-20130305-132319.log”

Go to “Session” , select the “Default Settings” saved session and hit “save” to make this default for all your new sessions.

NOTE: All your previous saved sessions will need to manually updated.