Raj Kissu Rajendran from APIT, who is also a Google Summer Of Code participant gets featured in the local papers.

Raj is working on the “BLOB Streaming Support for phpMyAdmin” project which enables the management of streaming content (audio, video) in and out of the MySQL database through phpMyAdmin. keep up with his progress

This is what he had to say about the local OSS scene,

I envision a more innovation-centric industry driven by research and collaboration, especially in open source. The nature of open source is in its shared environment where experts help newbies design and implement efficient code. I think the local ICT industry needs to be more adventurous in R&D (research and development).

OSS in Malaysia is still slow due to the lake of exposure but it’s people like this who help spread the word by contributing great work.

Good job dude!!

Source: NST