I am currently hosted at godaddy. My subscription ends in 2 months so the time to scout for a new hosting company has begin. This time I’m going for a local hosting provider if possible. Maybe it’s the idea of my blog being close to home, I don’t know.

Anyways, this is what I have narrowed down to so far.

If you know of others good reliable hosting companies please do share them.

  1. webserver.com.my
  2. mercumaya.net
  3. mesrahosting.net
  4. emerge web hosting
  5. ipserverone
  6. Exabytes

( Updated July 9th 2007 )

  1. Shinjiru.com.my
  2. NewMedia Express

( Update August 14th 2007 )

  1. TekTonic VPS hosting

( Update August 20th 2007 )

  1. Server Freak hosting solutions

(Update December 27th)

  1. yeahhost

(Update January 9th 2008)

  1. WebHost2U