I was playing around with Samba and CIFS mounts last night.

I needed to mount a directory on my openSUSE 10.2 box to my samba server where all my mp3 are stored. Since smbfs will be dropped soon I decided to go with CIFS. Note, smbfs will depreciated starting with kernel version 2.6.20.

There are 2 ways to mount, examples below.

The first method shown below is normally used for temporary mounts. Mounts will be discarded upon reboot or execution of the umount command.

mount -t cifs -o rw,guest,noperm // /mnt/mp3 umount

/mnt/mp3 (this will unmount)<br />

If you are looking for a permanent mount, you will need to add the following line into your /etc/fstab file.

// /mnt/mp3 cifs rw,guest,noperm

Options I used for my mounts,

rw - read write access. My shares are public so everyone has read/write access.
guest - no password prompt.

noperm - client does not perform permission checks. Needed if uid and gid are not the same on client and server.


Linux CIFS client guide by Steve French