I’m moving to a new hosting provider. Yup, again and this time for a good reason.

Hosting with Fivio has been good and since it was sponsored I have nothing to complain about.

Been looking at VPS for a few months now and finally decided to make the leap.I’ve also been working on a few personal projects that I’d love to publish online sometime in the future and the VPS is what I will need.

I chose to go with VPS by ServerFreak. Their packages are cheap and the specs quite OK I feel.  Full root access, 10GB storage, 150GB transfer, 256MB RAM and my choice of Linux Distros, all for RM 95 a month.

Looking forward to the long weekend. I’ll have some quality time to spend with my new VPS 😀

Please note that thedaneshproject might be offline for a few hours during the migration.