The long overdue, super fast, super secure, super cool Firefox 3.5 is out.

Just a few of the popular features to look forward to in version 3.5. [Full feature list][3]

  1. Private browsing - porn mode for many πŸ˜€

  2. Performance improvements. Really!! Read [here][4] and [here][5] and test it out for yourself.

  3. Support for HTML 5, CSS 3 and other cutting edge web technologies.

  4. Support for open video and open audio. No need for video plug-ins anymore. [Check it out][6].

[Go grab it quick.][7]

While downloading make sure to check out the “[real-time Firefox 3.5 downloads][8]” monitor page. It shows you in real-time how many people across the world are downloading Firefox 3.5. At the time of this post the magic number was 700,000 and out of that about 3000 were from Malaysia. Let’s see if they break a new record this time.

[Download Firefox 3.5][7]

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