I am from Cameron Highlands, leaved there my whole life and moved to the city about 6 years back. It was good to go home and enjoy the weather, food and the people there. If I could find something to do there in IT I would move back now.

The trip was fun but at the same time I felt sad to see my once beautiful hometown now being transformed into a tourist attraction. There are shops all over the place now like mushrooms, prices going up, buildings coming up all over the place blocking the beautiful views, camping grounds being changed to food stores and souvenirs shops, waterfalls disappearing and much much more……..

The only thing left to enjoy now is the cold weather and the clean air. This will not be for long, over the past 6 years the temperature has raised about 3 degrees. So, imagine with all the new destruction in the name of tourism  what would happen in the next 10 years.

O ya one more thing, Camerons once boasted that it was a favorite amongst foreigners but not anymore. I hardly saw any foreigners this time. They come for the nature, you take it away and they have no reason to come back. It’s all for the local tourist now. They come, mess the place up and leave. sigh………….

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