[Negaraku][2] the local news aggregator I [posted][3] about some time back has gone through it’s evolution cycle and now emerged as a [Digg][4] clone.

Cloning other application is always a bad idea but in my book if you are able to provide something the competition doesn’t then the idea will work. In the case of Negaraku, the information is localized to Malaysia. Even Google sees localized data as one of it biggest hurdle.

The original aggregator was slow buggy thus the need to evolve. The new Digg styled site is way better the the original. The site appears to be faster when compared to the original aggregator. The layout is simple, uncluttered and colors easy on the eyes.

Submissions are still broken up into their own categories like politics, business,tech, politics and a few others. This helps users easily access their information of choice. Each category is also publish via RSS for easy access.  Another benefit of going Digg style is that high rated submissions always show up first rescuing users from wasting their time combing though useless submissions.

So what happen to the old aggregator? It’s still alive at [news.negaraku.net][6] .

In short I like Negaraku Digg Style. What do you think?

Source: [Negaraku][2] || [news.negaraku.net][6]

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