Defensio is the latest comment spam filtering service for blogs and web applications. Blogging platforms currently supported are WordPress, PixelPost, Umbraco, Drupal, Mephisto, Movable Type and TextPattern. Web applications can see integration through the following platforms, Ruby On Rails, .Net, Java, PHP and Python.

Currently, the only big player out there doing the same is Askimet. Askimet surprisingly was very positive about the new competitor on the block.

Quoted from them, read more here.

It’s hard to have a market with only one player.

Denfensio and Askimet both use centralized APIs to validate comment spams but Denfensio currently goes a bit further with some additional features.

Defensio is a replacement for Askimet but I don’t see this happening anytime soon and Askimet has been around for sometime now. It’s going to be hard to get users to switch.

The latest plugin for Defensio can be downloaded here if you would like to take it for a spin. I’ve installed it at home today so it’s going to take sometime to come to a conclusion to see which path I will follow. For now Askimet works best for me.

Source : Defensio

Source : Askimet