[Oracle][2] has decided to give more to the Oracle community by starting their first [Oracle Wiki][3]. The Wiki is sponsored by Oracle and will house content from customers, partners and just about anyone who has an interest in Oracle.

Those looking for Oracle related information have traditionally relied on the [OTN][4] website, official [forums][5] and also the official [Oracle blogs][6]. The problem was the information was always from Oracle and not it’s users. Now, Oracle has made it possible for it’s users to contribute back and not just hear Oracle’s side.

Users will be able to create, edit and link to external resource they feel are releveant. User will actually be creating their own web content in the shape of installed guides, performance tuning guides and benchmarks, tech notes, best practices, tips, case studies, and the list goes on.

To get started, get an account and start creating your Wiki pages at [Oracle Wiki ][3]

[1]: http://img238.imageshack.us/img238/4895/oraclewikifk8.jpg) [2]: http://oracle.com [3]: http://wiki.oracle.com/ [4]: http://otn.oracle.com [5]: http://forums.oracle.com/ [6]: http://blogs.oracle.com