My P1W1MAX signal strenght. Pretty pethatic!!

RSSI: 63dBm -> Other are getting 30 +- dBm

CINR: 13 dB -> Others are getting 60 +- dB

TX Power: 5+- -> Other are under 10. (Not too important)

Called P1 up, need to call them back soon to carry out some “fine tuning” to improve my signal. Thank god their support speaks English well…. unlike Streamyx!!

Take a look at the signal map below, my house is smack middle in the pocket(below the compass) where there is almost no signal.

It’s weird how the base stations are deployed here. According to P1 more base statioins are coming up soon in the area so hopefully I’ll see some improvements.

Are you on P1 W1MAX too? What’s ya signal strength?  [Need the modem login?][3]

[1]: [2]: [3]: /posts/p1-w1max-ds300-modem-admin-password-revealed/